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Japanese football information
Japanese football information

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The history started from 1870s.

J-League has started from 1993 with original 10 clubs.

Japan Men’s National Team participated FIFA World cup first time in 1998.

Japan Football has grown rapidly. On the other hand, the growth was domestic and made this country closed to the world.

Therefore, It is difficult to find correct and latest information about Japan Football. This site shows the real of Japan Football in English.

I update very useful information for you. The topics cover business, finance, marketing, rule of J League, transfer and so on. Please click articles which you want or search your key words which you want to know from the above search box.

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Social activity in J League

Overview J league clubs has tried to do social activity since it’s establishment. J League started in 1993 and derived from JSL, national amateur football league (You can refer to Ownership rule in J League). All clubs have their home town, but they were decided artificially by the owner companies. Then they needed to make…

Asian Qualifiers for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

AFC announces group stage selection for Asian Qualifiers Today Asian Football Confederation (AFC) announces group stage selection of Asian Qualifiers for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Top 2 countries in each group will get the ticket to WC. 3rd in each group will go to Play-off. Japan belongs to Group B. The rival countries are…

What is the route to become a professional football player in Japan?

What is the route to become a professional football player in Japan? As I told in the article After-school club activities culture in Japan, Japan has its unique football culture. Then there are 3 main route to become a professional football player in japan. How many people are professional football player in Japan? When we…

Why Japanese club isn’t profitable in transfer market?

Lower squad value in Japanese club in transfer market Why Japanese club isn’t profitable in transfer market? The main reason is that European clubs don’t think J League is as high level as European Leagues. When you see the total squad value in J1 League, you can find the big difference. The total squad value…


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