Social activity in J League

Social activity in J League


J league clubs has tried to do social activity since it’s establishment. J League started in 1993 and derived from JSL, national amateur football league (You can refer to Ownership rule in J League). All clubs have their home town, but they were decided artificially by the owner companies. Then they needed to make inhabitant to cheer up them as their town football club. At the same time, they needed supports and subsidies from city councils. Therefore they started to support and contribute to regional activity. This is the beginning of social activity in J league.

Hometown activity

J league clubs call this activity “hometown activity”. This is the same as community activity in European clubs.

J league clubs support local festivals and events. And sometime players visit day care center, hospitals and schools. These are really important for clubs to become the center of the regional community.

J league wants to improve hometown activities as SDGs actions. A lot of companies now try to increase SDGs actions, in order to support sustainable development in society. J league clubs actions are fully suitable to their purpose. Then J League created the “SHAREN” award. “SHAREN” means hometown activity contributing their regions as SDGs.

It is very unique. You cannot find this well-organized social actions by football league. But J league did not appeal this in global. J league must inform its good actions more. What they did is to translate one article…. They did not translate its HP even in English… For what do they do??

J league must open its good actions to the world more. It will still take time that J league becomes international league…




Former staff in J-league club provides the real information about Japan football in English.

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