Why Japanese club isn’t profitable in transfer market?

why Japanese club isn't profitable in transfer market

Lower squad value in Japanese club in transfer market

Why Japanese club isn’t profitable in transfer market? The main reason is that European clubs don’t think J League is as high level as European Leagues. When you see the total squad value in J1 League, you can find the big difference.

Why J Clubs cannot get profit from transfer market?

The total squad value of J1 League is 316M€ with 20 teams. The average is 15.8M€ This figure is lower than only one club in Eredivisie, Ajax 350M€. Fortuna Liga the 1st division in Czech Republic has 280M€ with 18 teams. The average is 15.5M€. Czech is 17th in UEFA.

Top Transfer in J League in 20/21

As you can see, this shows the top transfer deal in J league in 20-21. Almost all transfers relating to foreign players and they are purchasing transfers. There are few selling transfers. It shows that the Japanese player transfers from J league to other countries cannot generate enough profits compared to European leagues.

The world thinks J league is not competitive league in the world

As I mentioned in the article The rule for foreign players in J League, J league is for Japanese players. Japanese players fight against Japanese players in J League. That makes J League is just a east local league in the world. European people doubt that Japanese players are not enough level to play in Europe.

That’s why Japanese players go to European leagues with low price, then their player value becomes higher. But the transfer sales profit does not go to J clubs but to European clubs.

For example, Takehiro Tomiyasu playing in Bologna FC now transferred to STVV from Avispa Fukuoka with only 800K €. Then STVV sold him with 7M€ after 1 and a half year. Now his player value reaches 20M€. There was a possibility for Avispa Fukuoka to sell him to Bologna FC directly with 7M€, but it never happened, because of the problem of J league structure…

J League must be open to the world and restructure itself as international league.




Former staff in J-league club provides the real information about Japan football in English.

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